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Become a volunteer and improve the lives of our seniors

A vibrant community is one where seniors are active, valued and aging well.

Volunteers are at the heart of our mission!

Contribute to the well-being of your community by helping people age well at home. Become a volunteer for Prescott-Russell Community Services.

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Why become a volunteer for Prescott-Russell Community Services?

There are as many good reasons as there are volunteers! Here are just a few:

  • Meet interesting people with life experience
  • Help someone age well at home
  • Learn from the life experience of older adults
  • Improve the quality of life of seniors and adults with special needs
  • Gain valuable experience in social and community services
  • Build bridges between generations
  • Give back to my community
  • Pass the time
  • Explore career options
  • Avoid early institutionalization of seniors
  • Build my resume
  • Enrich my life with meaningful experiences
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What do Prescott-Russell Community Services volunteers do?

Our volunteers perform a variety of tasks related to our programs and services. You can volunteer for only one or several of our services. You will work in collaboration with a coordinator of your sector who will give you all the information and training you need.

How to become a volunteer for Prescott-Russell Community Services?

Would you like to help us achieve our mission? Call Nicolas Asselin at 613-632-0939 or send an email at

Do I need special qualifications to become a volunteer?

  • Having free time and a willingness to help are the most important elements for volunteering with us. Like most non-profit organizations, we require a police record check for the vulnerable sector. This check is free and we will explain how to obtain it. We will assign you tasks that best suit your skills, interests and availability.

How much time must I give to volunteering?

  • You may offer a few hours per week or per month depending on your availability. We sincerely appreciate all volunteered time.
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Transportation and Accompaniment

Transportation is available for clients who have medical appointments. You use your personal vehicle and we reimburse the mileage.

  • Pick up the client, drive them to their appointment, making sure that they arrive on time and bring them home.
  • Help the client get in and out of the vehicle, and accompany them to the building entrance, if necessary.
  • Chat with the client during the ride and also respect their need for silence or privacy.

Meal Delivery – Meals on Wheels

The meal delivery service is offered in various communities on a predetermined schedule.
  • Pick up prepared meals at a local supplier.
  • Deliver the food to the client’s home (at the door) following the list provided by the coordinator.
  • Deliver between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Congregate dining

Congregate dining events are held on a monthly basis in several communities. Our coordinators organize the events with the support of teams of volunteers.

  • Help set up the room by placing tables and chairs and tidy up after the meal.
  • Greet participants.
  • Assist with buffet service by refilling trays as needed.
  • Wash dishes and tidy up the kitchen.
  • Provide ideas on workshops and activities to do on congregate dining days.

Friendly calls and Safety check-ins

Friendly calls and safety check-ins are meant to break the isolation of people living alone and to make sure they are safe and well. 

We try to match our volunteers with clients who have common interests.

  • Phone the client once a week at an agreed-upon time.
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