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Social and Group Activities

Joining in social and group activities can help you remain active in your community. Our social and group activities are:

  • Congregate dining (community luncheons)
  • Adult day programs

Congregate Dining

We host congregate dining events in several villages in collaboration with Seniors’ Clubs and other local community groups.

Come and enjoy a nutritious meal, reconnect with old friends or meet new people. Occasionally, meals are followed by recreational activities and workshops. Menus and activities change with the seasons and the inspiration of the organizing committee members.

Who can attend community luncheons?

People aged 55 and older, adults with special needs and anyone interested in community life are invited to attend.

Adult Day Programs

Our adult day programs help you achieve and maintain your highest level of functioning. The programs are supervised by social work professionals and adapted to the needs of individuals. We have two different programs: one for people with disability and one for people with dementia.

Day programs are designed to break isolation and reduce boredom while providing respite for caregivers. Participation in the program can help avoid early and inappropriate institutionalization.

  • Program activities are conducted in small groups of 4-5 people.
  • Your participation in the program takes place on the same day every week, for example every Tuesday, and for as long as you wish to participate.
  • Lunch and transportation are included. 
Who can participate in the day programs?

The day programs are for people with physical or cognitive disabilities who live in the Prescott-Russell area.

The programs are funded by Health Ontario and Champlain Home and Community Care Services and the number of participants is limited. You can ask to add your name to a waiting list if demand is higher than the number of available spots.

Do you know about all our services?

We offer a wide range of programs and services to help you age well at home. To learn more, please visit the page Services.

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Toll free
295, Main street West, suite B
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