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Our services

Most of the services are available to any person with special needs or aged 55 or over, who resides in the Prescott and Russell area.

New services

Virtual activities

Delivery of groceries 

Transportation for errands 

Support Phone Calls

Grief Support Program

Senior Wellness Program

Meals Delivery
(Meals on Wheels)

Cost applicable

  • Nutritious meals delivered to your home by volunteers
  • To serve a nutritious, well-balanced meal
  • Provide a regular social contact
  • Verify the health and safety of the recipient

Social and Congregate Dining-Temporarily inactive
(Diners Club)

Cost applicable
  • A nutritious meal followed by health and wellness activities
  • Avoid personal isolation
  • Make contacts
  • Feel welcomed and wanted
  • Acknowledge the services in their community
  • Maintain and promote their wellness

(Transport accompaniment)

Cost applicable
  • Medical Appointement: Personalized transportation and accompaniment service personalized to the clients' need
  • Errand and non medical Apointment: Transportation for clients aged 55 years old or more in need of assistance

Day Service (Adult Day Program)

Cost applicable
  • For individuals with physical or cognitive challenge
  • For individuals with dementia
  • Assist the participants to achieve and maintain their maximum level of functioning
  • Offer supervised programmed activities;
  • All activities are planned to respond to the need of the individuals
  • Provide respite and information to their significant others
  • Prevent early or inappropriate institutionalization

Crisis Intervention and Support
(Intervention, assistance and caregiver relief services)

Free service
  • Ensure support and intervention in critical situations
  • Defuse anxiety-related situations

Visiting-Social and Safety
(Friendly Visits)

Free service
  • Volunteer telephone-based or personal visits
  • Reduce isolation
  • Reassure the client
  • Increase socialization
  • Make continuous, personalized relationships

Service Arrangement/Coordination
(Home Maintenance)

Cost applicable

  • House cleaning, heavy or light work
  • Make arrangement with the service provider to offer the help as needed
  • Give a better quality of life to the client

Foot Care Services

Cost applicable
  • Coordinated with the service provider to offer the foot care in a congregate setting

Assisted Living Services for High Risk Seniors in Hawkesbury, L'Orignal and Vankleek Hill (ALS)
(in partnership with Groupe Action)

Free service

  • Assisted Living Services for High Risk Seniors provide services to meet the needs of elderlies 65 and over or having a geriatric profile, while they remain at home with the assistance of personal support and home making services on a 24-hour a day basis

Personal Assistance System

(Device that automatically dials up to 9 phone numbers from parents, neighbors or friends to alert them to help you when you press the alarm button)

Cost applicable

  • No monthly subscription fee to pay
  • Provides reassurance and peace of mind knowing that their loved one has access to a personal assistance system
  • Get help in an emergency
  • Installation fees included in the purchase price
  • Flexible payment method
  • Possibility of receiving financial assistance

Senior Wellness Program

Do you feel alone? Are you distressed? Do you sometimes lack food or other basic needs to maintain a healthy living? Are you seeking meaningful activities?

  • The Senior Wellness Program can help you improve your living conditions and those of your caregivers.
  • This program is for people 55 years of age and older or with special needs.

How does the program work?

  • Call 613-693-1946 and ask for the Senior Wellness Program.  
  • The program coordinator will visit you and discuss your situation. She will help you find solutions and then together you will make an action plan that meets your needs.
  • She could also refer you to other organizations or resources.
  • You will work together until your situation improves.
There is no fee to participate in this program.


Support phone calls

  • People who want a friendly call to chat and break through the isolation when they feel alone can contact us and speak with one of our volunteers once a week to keep themselves socially active.

Grief support program

  • We offer support for people going through a mourning period. We provide a caring and compassionate presence to help you through this difficult time. 

Grocery delivery

  • We offer a grocery delivery service for people 55 years of age and older that lives in Prescott-Russell
  • The cost of the delivery service is $6.00
  • Your order must be prepared before the pick-up, by the store of your choice
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295, Main street West, suite B
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